Monday, January 13, 2003


...wanted... dead or alive. Dude, Bon Jovi will be playing at Key Arena on April 15th... I am so there. Sad but true... this Bon Jovi fan went out to Walmart this weekend to purchase the cd Bounce (ok, so if I was a TRUE die hard fan, I would already have it... but I admit... I am obsessed with most of their old stuff... though the bounce cd is pretty good.) Anyhoo, I bought the cd, because there is a code in it that gives me access to an internet presale of concert tickets... yeah baby, that's right. I have the EDGE!

Even sadder is that I dreamt I met Richie Sambora and though most of the dream is foggy, I recall asking him repeatedly if they do a lot of their old stuff in their shows. He just kept nodding and laughing it off. Wierd... musta been the nyquil.

Yes, I have gone through a bottle of Nyquil the past week... I have one hell of a cold; seems to be getting a little bit better though. I think. :-) I had a great weekend; kind of laid low, Aaron and I spent most of it chillin out, watching movies. We saw 'JUST MARRIED' on Saturday, check out my movie reviews for my thoughts on that. We were both beat on Saturday afternoon; we sat in a parking lot in Federal Way for like 20 minutes trying to decide where we were going to get something to eat; both of us too tired to pick someplace... and both a little dismayed that at 7pm on a saturday we almost would rather go home and pass out than do much else. Though I think he really wanted to find something to do; I was just absolutely exhausted. I think if I wasn't sick I would have been ok; but the cold was just wiping me out. Bless his heart though, we went and got Taco Time, and I helped him move some electronic equipment at his place; then I very promptly fell asleep about 15 minutes into the movie Seven, (this is about 9pm) and didn't wake again until midnight when it was time for the Nyquil. We lazed around most of Sunday morning; didn't even get up until well after noon. ( I SAID I WAS TIRED!) Then we watched the movie Signs... that flick still creeps me out and I've seen it before. I actually yelled when Mel Gibson investigates the alien in the pantry... and well... I don't want to ruin it for everyone, but at the climax of the seen I shrieked like banchee... which I think scared the crap out of Aaron. Because if it isn't my imagination I think he yelled a little too. :-) Watching scary movies with me isn't easy man. I tend to psych people out... of course, I'm NOTHING compared to my friend Choni. She got so freaked during the sixth sense, she had me hiding my eyes. And that movie is so nothing to be scared of. Anyway, after the movie, we went to a birthday party of a child of a friend of mine. (Is it just me or is that sentence a wee bit confusing?) My friend J. and I have known each other since 7th grade... I hadn't seen her since we were about 15 though, and we got together for dinner and movie a few months ago. So when she invited me to come over for her son's 6th birthday party, I was anxious to introduce her to Aaron and to meet her son, AND to see her twin sister who I haven't seen in about 10 years. We had a good time, catching up and reminiscing... it's so awesome when the chemistry doesn't change. J. and I still talk and trade one liners like we were back in Mrs. Byars core class... arguing over who was the cuter new kid... jordan or Joey... (I think she liked jordan... but I could be wrong)

Anyway, after we left there, we went back to my house for dinner with the family and then took Grandpa home... I almost killed us all when I dozed off (for just a second... not even a whole second... a milisecond...) I was startled to consciousness by grandpa saying "where you going?" ... and my eyes popped open and I saw that I was not even on the freeway anymore... Holy shit that could have been bad. Seriously, that scared the shit out of me. Will not be forcing myself to drive anymore... not worth it.

Ended the weekend by watching about 20 minutes of sliding doors before Aaron and I both crashed. Though I don't think we were as tired as the british accents were soothing. Anyhoo, I've wasted enough of your time... GO BE PRODUCTIVE!

OH YEAH, ONE LAST THING... they released the first season of Sanford and Son on DVD... and season two will be released on Feb. 4th... how in trouble am I? I love that freakin show!

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