Wednesday, January 29, 2003


I have a dull ache at the base of my head/neck that is a consequence from coughing my FUCKING LUNGS OUT all day. But other than that life is just great! I am ashamed to admit I taped part of American Idol because I was in the bath last night, and didn't want to miss anything. Good God, what am I turning into? That and I made myself a tuna sandwich today. Now, I know I am a fish eating vegetarian, but even when I ate meat, I stayed the hell away from tuna fish... but now, it sounds kinda good.

Kiss 106.1 is doing a radio telethon thing for Children's Hospital next week. Jackie and Bender (the morning show) is heavily involved, and have been playing these... profiles of families who want to share their stories about children's. Usually it's the parent(s) talking with music in the backround, very touching, considering most of the stories do not have the ending you want them to have. Most of the stories end with the death of the child, and me sitting at my desk at work stifling sobs. The first one I heard the other day made me all out cry. Of course, it's partly because I knew the child the profile was on... years ago, when I started working at a daycare (1994-95) our van driver Tony (such a nice guy) had a son who was in the school age program. He was in the first grade I think; his name was Nathaniel, and he was such a nice, sweet kid. After Tony left the daycare for a different job, Nathaniel didn't attend anymore, and a few years later we had heard through the grapevine that Nathaniel had come down with cancer and passed away. It was hard to stomach then, and even years later whenever I would happen to cross paths with tony or his wife... though it's been so long now, I doubt they'd know me. But to hear his wife talk about Nathaniel, and the fight he put up against this rare form of cancer... and the bravery he showed... the lump in my throat was the size of a beach ball. Tony and his wife now have two other children who I believe are too young to remember Nathaniel... I don't think their daughter was even born before Nathaniel passed away... and in the spot they played on the radio their mom talked about how they tell their kids about Nathaniel every day, and how he is still a member of their family. Christ I'm getting choked up just writing about it... anyway, it's just so sad. I don't think he could have been much more than 8 or 9 when he died... that's a crime. Shit like that shouldn't happen to kids. So this morning, when I heard them start the music to another profile I just turned the radio down.... I will definitely make a donation to Children's when they start their radiothon... but I can't listen to those heartbreaking stories.... it's just too sad.

Well, I gotta jet, I have math class tonight and... let me tell you, sitting in a room, where all everyone is doing is quietly working out of their books for 2 and a half hours is absolutely mind numbing. I'm serious. I nod off at least once every 10 minutes... crikey. And I'm behind, because I haven't really done any homework in there... bright girl, that Allison. So I have to just buckle down and do some damn homework tonight, tomorrow night... and this weekend. Shoot me.

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