Wednesday, December 04, 2002


I am in a good mood this fine Wednesday morning... even though it's freezing, and raining and my back still hurts. As I was getting ready this morning though; I had a flashback to high school... sophomore year in choir class... Tatum and I in a mini ... VERY mini production of 'West Side Story'. By mini, I mean there were like 8 of us girls who dressed up as young puerto rican peasant girls, and acted out and danced to a few of the main songs from the movie/play. "See the pretty girl in that mirror there... who can that attractive girl bee-ee-eeee.... such a pretty face, such a pretty smile... such a pretty me! I feel charming, oh so charming, it's alarming... how charming I feeeeeeeeeeel! and so pretty that I hardly can believe I'm real." lol, if I would have had more time this morning I could've scanned in some pictures from that performance... me in this hideous yellow skirt and red peasant shirt, tatum in purple and pink... both of us prancing around the stage with a fan in hand, singing our hearts out. What a wierd memory to come out of nowhere, I remember how much fun we had with that though. Aaahhh, the good ol days. What I would give to get my hands on a video of that performance.

If you haven't been listening to kiss 106.1 in the mornings lately, they are running this contest called 'What would you eat for the meet and greet'... Matchbox Twenty is going to be in their studio sometime soon, and if you go in and eat something disgusting, they will give you tickets to come in and be there for the interview and private performance. They've had these psychos come in and eat cat vomit.... booger toast.... and some stuff that's just gross after you eat a lot of it... like a dozen of the big cinnabons in an hour, 5 slurpees in 5 minutes... a wasabi sandwich.... 3 packages of raw hot dogs... drinking their own urine... You know I have had a few small celebrity obsessions.... (read entries in this journal in October and November to see what I mean) but I wouldn't eat ANYTHING crazy to meet anyone... not even Eminem... not only that, but even if I was so crazy in love or obsessed with a celebrity I wouldn't eat something like cat vomit to meet them... how do you think they look at you when they meet you? Hi, I'm the girl who choked down booger toast, and I'm your biggest fan... I can see Rob Thomas' agent standing there ready to jump in between when she tries to shake his hand... don't do it Rob! Think of where it's been... she had to harvest the topping for that toast man. So gross. If I was in Matchbox Twenty I think I'd be a little insulted. They've sold millions of albums, toured the world... made a buttload of money (and for those of you playing the home game, buttload is A LOT) and they now get to promote their latest album by doing small studio sessions and radio interviews, and have to do so in the presence of crazy people. No quick movements or urine boy'll blow. yikes.

Ok, so I have to rant a little.... I really hate those radio commercials for T-mobile... with Catherine Zeta Jones. I don't mind the ones on Tv too much; though I don't see those a lot because I have cut my tube time down dramatically. But the radio ones just irritate the hell out of me... those and the ones for Wilson's Leather... with the "vice president in charge of saying the word sale"... ugggghhh. I hate it! that lady's voice just kills me. I am also running thin on the J-Lo love... I actually hate that song 'Jenny From the Block' and just about died laughing when Tatum referred to her as a 'ghetto ass whore', lol ahhh we are both fans of Mr. Affleck...and we are both in agreement that he is indeed one of the world's Sexiest Men Alive... but he is losing major points daily due to the little fairytale between him and Jenny from the block. So trite. So trite.

I am totally hooked on that song 'Disease' by Matchbox Twenty... and yes, I probably should have mentioned this back in the previous area when I was discussing them before, but oh well. My favorite line is "you left a stain on every one of my good days" way to paint a picture man. Lovin it.

I am hoping to go up and get my books and stuff for school today; I'm giddy with anticipation. Those of you who know me personally know my attachment to office supplies... pens and notebooks in particular. It's a sickness really... I remember when I was going to HCC like 2 years ago, and every morning I would buy myself a pen or two (ok, like 3 or 4) and after a while I realized that the cashier in the student store must think I was special. I am serious... EVERY morning I would go in there, spend a few minutes browsing over some of the items I had no intention on buying, then casually walk to the glorious pen section... so big and colorful...they had just about ever kind of pen you could ever imagine. I would pick out a couple and buy them... after the first few times I couldn't even look the chick in the face as she rung them up. lol, I knew that I would think I was a little special kid if I was her... and I was ok with that, as long as I got my pens. Luckily I am over that obsession... rarely buy pens anymore... though I have a hunch I may be adding to my collection today. I've been good, I deserve them! Don't judge me. :-)

HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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