Tuesday, December 10, 2002


Ok... so I am usually a pretty chill person. By chill I mean that I fall somewhere in between serious and laid back ... I am not by nature a perky, bubbly person... though that's not to say I am a negative and dark person either.... I just don't smile 24-7... even when I am totally happy, I have been told I look pissed. (I am working on this though.) So this morning when I came into the office .... humming to myself (a little Whitney Houston ditty) I got a strange look from one of my coworkers, and another one asked me if I was ok. I didn't realize he was even talking to me; and when he asked again I looked at him surprised and smiled "Yeah, I'm great... why?" he cackled to himself and said "I've never seen you in this good of mood before; singing to yourself..." I just shrugged my shoulders and hummed all the way back to my desk. He chalked it up to Christmas time... but I am in a good mood, and it doesn't have anything to do with Christmas... but I'm not going to discuss it here EITHER... because with my luck it would jinx me, and you know; I'm not willing to risk it. :-D I will say though, that life is good. I've got perma grin, and the giggles and life is good.

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