Monday, November 18, 2002


Man, what a busy weekend... Thursday afternoon, Ashley flew in from Arizona for a couple days. She and Lori and I all went out to dinner to Huckleberry on Thursday night, then we went down to Broadway, and I picked up a new shirt. I love it; will wear it on Friday night when a bunch of us are going out to this Irish pub downtown. Anyhoo, the next night a bunch of us got together, and played games and had a few cocktails... it was a lot of fun. We ended that night with a late night trip to Denny's... Saturday morning found Holly and I shopping at the mall, capped off with a salad in the food court. From there I went home to spruce up and then attended Holly's Grandma's retirement dinner at Angelo's restaurant. That was fun; after that Lori and Ash and I saw 8 Mile (yeah, I've seen it twice now... so what?) Sunday morning I drove down to Tumwater to meet Emma; Robert and Michelle's new arrival. She is an angel... I love babies at that age, (she is only 2 weeks old) so tiny and sleepy and cuddly. The rest of the day was pretty slow.

Oh yeah, I ran into my old neighbors and daycare clientele... the oldest daughter (who I met when she was in kindergarten) is now 14... I wouldn't have recognized her if I fell over her in the street. Totally felt old.

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