Tuesday, November 26, 2002


Since my office is closed both Thursday and Friday, today is kind of like a Thursday. There really is no reason for me to tell you that; other than it signifies just how incredibly bored I am at this moment. It's been a long day and I am wasting time before I head out to the gym.

Gosh... what's been going on... Friday night we Holly and Lori and I had plans to go out to an Irish pub in downtown seattle; but plans changed and we ended up going to Louie's to sing some karaoke. We had a freakin blast... ended up calling a bunch of our friends, some actually came down. I was way more loaded than I realized and though it was the 'Allison, Holly, and Lisa Show' (as we were up singing constantly) I didn't remember singing Barbie Girl until I was rifling through my cd's looking for work out music and saw the Aqua cd staring up at me. That's when I had a flashback and realized me and Lisa had sang that on Friday night. I had completely forgotten... I've forgotten a lot about that night... vaguely remember singing Fancy by Reba Mcentire, though I hear I rocked it arena style... yikes. Gotta give a good show to the droves of fans don't ya know. I also sang a couple Dixie Chicks songs with Holly and Lisa, a few Madonna tunes... and of course my songs that I always sing... Johnny Angel and How Will I Know... I changed some of the words to that one... though at least it wasn't as bad as the time I was singing and pointing to people in the audience. Good God.

We had so much fun though; totally relaxing up until Holly spilled beer in my hair... don't know exactly how that happened... one minute I am sitting there talking to Melvin, and the next minute I have beer in my eye, rolling down my face. I was kinda pissed. From there I am told we went to Taco Bell... though I couldn't tell you because I had decided to take a little nap in the back seat.

I was so fucking hung over on Saturday... I think my head hurt more from the cigarettes I took drags off; nicotine is mine enemy. anyway, luckily the hangover cleared up before we got on the ferry and went to see SHED. I get so impressed when I see them play; probably because I worked with two of the members (cody and brady) at safeco... none of my friends have ever been able to play music like that, and it's way impressive. I just wish they'd get more gigs on this side of the water. :-)

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