Tuesday, November 05, 2002


Ok, you all know what Friday is... I know I don't have to remind you. THE MOVIE to see comes out; that's right the long wait is over. So take your ass out and go see 8 mile. I will be going to see it on Saturday night, and will of course be updating the movie reviews page sometime after that to fill you in on the details. I went to see Barbershop last night, and the trailer for 8 Mile came on... I had yet to see it in the theater, and let me tell you, Lori dissolved into giggles when I just about choked on my piece of licorice. I told Lori that from here on out, Eminem will now be referred to as "My Baby Daddy." Yes, I know it's ghetto. No, I don't care. Ashley, you feel me dogg right?

Oh yeah, if you would like to catch a pretty cool band, SHED is playing on the 23rd of November in Bremerton... Lori and I are going, if you'd like to go with us; email me. :-)

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