Monday, November 11, 2002


Ok, so I was not so excited to see Guns and Roses on Friday night after Lori and I stood outside in the cold, and the rain for an hour... well, longer actually, because the concert was an hour late... anyhoo, after we went inside and tried to clean up (we looked like drowned rats,) we claimed a spot by the barricade and settled in for the concert. CKY was the first act... and though their music wasn't bad, one of the guitarists was an absolute idiot and ruined the show... he was annoying and stupid... I hated him almost as much as I hate scott stapp (that asshole from creed).

Mixmaster Mike was next (and when I told a friend about him the next day; I mistakenly called him Mixmaster Dave... I don't know why, lol, but felt like a real ass... completely dated myself... I guess I am not the young hip music lover I thought I was. ;-P) He was pretty good; but the excitement level was slowly deteriorating the longer we had to wait. Finally when they did take the show, and the opening riff of 'Welcome To The Jungle' filled the Tacoma Dome... the excitement was palpable. Axl wailed for about 2 hours... performing a small handful of new songs, but mainly performing all the old hits... Sweet child of Mine, November Rain, Patience, My Michelle, Live and Let Die... finally ending with an encore of Paradise City. It was awesome. No it was FUCKING AWESOME. Best concert yet. Totally worth every penny, and I would see them again in a heartbeat. I would say they were a ton better than they were on the MTV Video Music Awards. So much better than I even anticipated.

After the concert, Lori and I joined our cousin and some of his friends down at Hell's Kitchen; a bar in Tacoma, to see some live bands on the Jagermeister Tour. That was pretty fun, I love alternative music...and these bands were screamers.

Saturday I worked at Husky Stadium; it was our last game, and probably the best. I spent the entire game bullshitting in the back, cooking hot dogs with my friends... and getting paid for it. I can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday. :-)

I went and saw 8 mile Saturday night... see the movie reviews for my thoughts on it... though I will say I AM IN LOVE. Lol, me and every other girl who saw that movie. God he's hot

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