Wednesday, November 13, 2002


Dude, I am so going to marry Kid Rock... I wouldn't even make him cut his hair. But he would have to walk around with a mic in his hand. You know what's funny though, watching him on stage, with his loads of stage presence and confidence... (Or as Lori would say... "he's a cocky little fucker isn't he?) He looks like his name should be Kid Rock...then to see him on TRL and stuff and be referred to as "Bob" (real name is Bob Ritchie) it's kinda funny.

Lori and I rocked out to Foreigner on the way to the concert... Jukebox Hero is our favorite Foreigner song, and let's just admit it, one of the greatest songs ever written. (Don't front, you know you like it) We had nosebleed seats, so the excitement level wasn't as high as it could have been, but it was a great show nonetheless. Kid Rock focused mainly on southern rock; though he did do his best stuff... Bawitdaba, Cowboy... when he started Only God Knows Why he held up a lighter, and there were so many lighters held up in the audience, that the light projected from them was pretty bright. Lori and I were in awe.

Aerosmith came out shortly thereafter and rocked the house... I feel like I have been to an honest to God rock concert now. Granted, I just saw Guns and Roses, and they are nothing if they are not rock, but these guys are icons... and so impressive... they started in on one song; and as soon as it ended they went right into the next one, never missing a beat, and not half assing it at all... I wish I had that much energy. I mean, shit, Steven Tyler is almost 55 and Joe Perry is right behind him... and by the way, Joe Perry is freakin Hot. Especially for his age... a little too skinny, but fuck man... what a hottie.

I've never been to a concert when so many chicks jumped up on stage and had to be carried off; security was all over that business. Totally worth it though... I am totally hooked on this song by kid rock and sheryl crow now, it's called Picture. You gotta hear it. So good.

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