Thursday, November 14, 2002


So, Lori and I went to a travel agency last night, I had been informed that I won a free trip to Vegas... 2 nights and 3 days. So all we had to do was go up and give them an hour of our time, and the trip was ours. I knew it was a gimmick; but we grilled the guy on the phone so thoroughly, and he swore that there was no catch. So we go up there, and they are 15 minutes late in calling us in for our 'appointment'. That pissed me off to begin with, and Lori was getting irritated because there was this one short dude who was walking around, with his nasty chest hair showing and a gold chain around his neck... he was gross. Mr. Rico Suave or something...Totally thought he was God's gift if you know what I mean. Well, we get called back by a big guy named Paul who is older and has a gnarly speech impediment. He makes some joke about how did he get lucky enough to get the two single women. By this point I just kind of wanted to go home, but a free trip is a free trip right?

Well, right as dude is going into his schpeel, rico suave himself comes up and interrupts our sales guy, saying "Ladies, if I told you today about a great promotion could you afford to spend a thousand bucks?" I was like "uh, no." he responds with "how about 900?" and Lori interjected "um, even if I had a thousand bucks, I wouldn't give it to you." ok... awkward momentS of silence follow, finding me sitting there looking down, unable to make eye contact with anyone. Rico Suave looks perplexed and says "why not?" Lori says "because I don't know you, or what your company is..." he interrupts her by saying "Well I would tell you all about our company and the travel opportunities we offer." Lori just stared at him (I think; my panic system was in full swing so I don't remember all the details) Then dude proceeds to talk down to us and tell us that why doesn't he spare us the boring presentation and get us our free gifts, so he doesn't waste our time. He walks away and Lori was pissed.

Actually, I feel the proper term would be 'twitchin pissed'. she starts hissing at me "how DARE he assume we don't have the money just because we are young and female... how DARE he dismiss us like that and interrupt out salesman. What a dick!" I am laughing nervously at this point and Lori tells me that she is going to have to break it down for him and explain where he went wrong. Mr. Cocky comes back and sits down he gives us our vegas trip claim, and this free dinner/limo thing, and proceeds to explain both gifts to us, all the while looking at other customers and being rude. I thank him when he's done and Lori goes "I have a problem." He looked a little surprised for a second and then with the utmost attitude gives her the head shake and eye stare and says "Oh you do, do you?"

I should note at this time I have never felt more ghetto in my life. I applaud Lori for her balls, because this dick is the one who made us feel that way... she starts in by telling him that interrupting our salesman was rude and unacceptable, and how dare he assume we don't have the money, she could have a thousand bucks in her purse for all he knows. I think he was taken a little off guard and he apologized a few times. Then he asked Lori if she was interested in hearing the presentation and she fired back with "not now, I am not spending any of my money here." I was looking at the floor at this time trying to breathe calmly and white lighting the pain from my ulcer. Dude tells us that he was trying to do us a favor by sparing us a presentation that we weren't interested in, and Lori told him that we were interested until he walked up and was rude. He apologized again and then we left. yikes. My sister is scrappy, yo. :-)

Did you watch the J.Lo interview last night? Sadly, I must admit... I did. Let's all celebrate the joys of being rich and pretty! Life is good for Miss Thing, which gee... if I was engaged to Ben Affleck and a gazillionaire, with a body to die for... I bet I'd be pretty fuckin happy too. I don't even dislike her... I am just irritated with the glorification of her life being thrown in everyone's faces all the time... ok; I know, I made the choice to tune in... who's side are you on anyway?

And lastly... a few of you may remember that I had a few dreams earlier this year in which I found myself dating Bill Cosby... I had another strange dream last night. I dreamt I was meeting someone off the net to date and they decided after three dates they didn't want to see me anymore because I wouldn't give it up... oh wait... no, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, lol my dream was better than that actually. ;-P I dreamt that I was going to meet a dude named Joe, turned out to be Mr. Joe Perry of Aerosmith fame... dude, he's hot... way too skinny, but hot... and he's a little older than me... ok, so he's more than twice my age... BUT IT'S JOE FREAKIN PERRY! Apparently we hit it off, and he kissed me in it...Anyway, I am not gonna go into the details of the dream because it get's wierd, JLO makes a cameo as an undercover cop and my grandma runs an auto chop shop in the dream... totally wierd... but at least I can say I've kissed JOE FREAKIN PERRY!

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