Thursday, October 31, 2002


I am not going to write much about the tragic murder of Jam Master Jay... simply because there is enough being said on the news and everywhere else. It's so sad though... I don't really understand it.

Well, it's halloween... I went to the gym and got a good work out; they got new treadmills, and I'm stoked. Not only that, for the first time in over a month I am seeing improvements again... THANK YOU LORD!!! If I continue to plateau much more I am going to have a serious freak out.

So I am feeling really inspired today... as corny as this sounds, specifically by a song off the 8 mile soundtrack. It's called 8 mile, and my favorite passage in the song goes as follows:

Don't got a rep, my step
Don't got enough pep
The pressure's too much, man I'm just tryin' to do what's best
And I try
I sit alone and I cry
Yo I won't tell no lie
Not a moment goes by
That I don't pray to the sky
Please, I'm beggin you God
Please don't let me be pigeon holed in no regular job
Yo I hope you can hear me homie wherever you are
Yo I'm telling you dog I'm bailing this trailer tomorrow...

it goes on and on... I can relate. I've been in that situation before; actually it comes and goes for my situation now. Torn between doing what I want to do and doing what I know I need to do. Torn between being a slave to reality and chasing a dream...

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