Tuesday, September 10, 2002


I am so hooked on this song by Nelly and Kelly Rowland, called Dilemma. It's so good; not what I would expect to hear from Mr. Nelly. I also love that song Girlfriend by Nelly and Nsync... could I be a St. Lunatic fan? It's quite possible. Kelly Rowland is one of the two poor unfortunate souls who are to Beyonce Knowles (Destiny's Child) what the Supremes were to Diana Ross. Of course the difference is that Diana Ross has class... and well.. Beyonce, we won't go there. Pull them draws up though girl, no one wants to see your back fat... and yes, you got it.

Have you ever seen "The Little Mermaid"? Ursula, the mean sea witch cons all these mermen and mermaids into basically selling their souls to her and she promises them whatever they want; but the deal never get's sealed, and they end up rotting away on the ocean floor under her power, anyhoo; that's kind of how I see the two girls in Destiny's child... though I don't consider Beyonce evil, more like her dad who manages the group. lol, kind of a sick way to look at their situation, but I'm serious... did you see anyone else in Austin Powers? Nope just his daughter. I'm all for branching out, but stay true to your partnerships. I saw an episode of cribs on mtv a while back, and I guess they live together. (The 3 girls) and I commented to who ever was watching it with me, that they better watch their backs, because they are on Beyonce's turf. Once she gets a solo record deal, they're gonna pull up to the gate, and their little keycard is not gonna fit.

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