Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Patrick Swayze Revisited...

Ok, for anyone who missed the memo, I am for sure on the Eminem bandwagon. Ya think? Anyway, I just saw the 'CLEANIN' OUT MY CLOSET' video, and I am impressed. It's a tad disturbing... mainly the shots next to the grave he's digging... though it's not as violent and in your face vengeful as some of his other works. More than anything though, it proves his ability to be diverse and doesn't undermine the intelligence of the song. In fact, I think this video in particular only enhances the lyrical content of the song. Basically it's a damn good video, and my man slim looks fine as hell in it. :-) Had to break it down you know. Haven't had a crush on a celebrity like this since the 6th grade when Jenny Reddick and I wanted to marry Patrick Swayze. Dirty Dancing changed my life... well maybe not my life, but 6th grade wouldn't have been the same without Baby and Johnny.

I sit here a sick girl. I am only even updating my website, because I am procrastinating using my inhaler. I broke down and went to the doctor today; I have viral bronchitis. VIRAL. VIRAL. As in no antibiotics... as in "we'll have to let this run it's course." Don't get me started. Anyway, she did give me a prescription for codeine cough syrup and this inhaler to help loosen up my chest congestion. I hate inhalers and am stalling for time. I have absolutely no energy, and my throat is killing me. I keep sneezing, and swear Ive lost 20lbs just from blowing my nose. I have enough cold medicine running through my veins right now to kill a small child. It's been a long couple of days.

We went to the cabin in Leavenworth last weekend. It was Holly, Aaron, Matt, Kelly, Lori, Bobby, and I. We had a blast. We partied and blasted music from the time we got there until the time we left. I'll write in more details later; I just have no energy right now... time to go suck in the inhalants... wish me luck.

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