Tuesday, August 20, 2002


The pic on the front of this page is Marshall Mathers, a publicity photo from his upcoming movie 8 Mile, which opens in November. You can bet I'll be there opening night... I have seen the trailer a few times, and it looks really good. :-) What else would I say though, given my new obsession. :-)

I am getting over viral bronchitis... I am tired of coughing. I am tired of the headaches I get from coughing. I am really tired of this hideous taste in my mouth and nothing tasting right. I can't even chew gum without getting grossed out, because it tastes disgusting.

Bobby leaves us on Friday to go back home to Sweden. :-( We are all going to miss him so much, this summer has been a blast, and I wish it didn't have to end. He has amazed us in the fact that he and Uncle Gary are almost identical. There is a definite resemblence, but their mannerisms, and personalities and laughs... everything is the same. It's crazy.

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