Monday, August 26, 2002

Au Revoir Bibby Lou

Well, Bobby returned home to Sweden on Friday, we miss him a lot. I feel like the summer has just flown by... I have had a blast though. I really wish he could have stayed... I know he had a wonderful time with his dad, hanging out at their bachelor pad. I will be heading to Sweden in the next couple of years... I was going to go next summer, but we are hoping he will come out for Matt and Kelly's wedding instead. So I am thinking of going the following spring... we'll see.

I had a loooong weekend... went to Louie's on Friday night, met up with Connor (one of Me and Lori's oldest friends) and some of his friends. Holly and Maria were there too, and Troy even made a cameo. We had so much fun, I sang Ode to Billy Joe (which... I slaughtered to say the least) and Connor helped me sing New Attitude by Patti Labelle... we had fun, but I remember distinctly hearing my screeching voice over the speakers ... though I didn't much care at that point. The wonders of alcohol.

Lori and I took mom to Leavenworth yesterday for her birthday (which was actually August 5) we had a really nice day, shopping around and had lunch at Gustav's... I bought some cool silver earrings, and a silver claddagh ring... I now have 2; would have had 3 but gave one to Hollard. We also went into Wenatchee for a bit, it was a long day, but a nice one.

Lori and I also took Kylie for the day on Saturday, we went on a ferry ride and explored a little of Bainbridge Island... there ain't much to see though. She is so funny. She's starting to talk and we got her to say homie a few times. She answers 'no' to everything, so we had fun with that. "Hey Kylie, do you think Lori smells Good?" haha, it was great.

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