Monday, August 05, 2002

All I need is some dang sleep

Man, I am soooo tired! But happy. I had another long weekend, but a good one. Friday night, Melvin, Holly, and I met up with my sister and Bryan at Doc Maynard's in Pioneer Square. (Melvin is a coworker of mine at Safeco.) We had a few cocktails there, and headed over to the Bohemian. We had a good time there as well; though not as much fun as the last time... the music was a little lamer. We ended our night at the pizza place, having some interesting conversation...

Saturday morning found us back at Safeco, ENTIRELY too early. We had an early game, and I happened to read my schedule wrong, and wasted an hour and a half just sitting around because I couldn't clock in yet. Funny enough, Josh, Vincent, and Roy... some of my Kidd Valley cronies were there too early as well. So we sat out at the picnic area and visited. After the game that night, Holly and John (another coworker) picked Lori and I up, then we grabbed Bobby and drove out to Bremerton. These guys we work with at Safeco -- Brady and Cody are in a band called SHED. They were playing at a coffee shop, so a bunch of people from Safeco all showed up to show support. I was totally impressed, THEY ROCK!! They play all original music, and it's pretty hardcore metal stuff. They are totally awesome, great energy. We had a good time. It was neat to see all our coworkers outside of the stand. We drove back to Seattle rather than staying in Bremerton and partying... we were tired. Bobby, Lori, Holly and I ended up going to Azteca for dinner and drinks. It felt wierd not to be going out dancing... we've been such social butterflies lately.

Sunday was a great day at work, it went quickly! It was funny too; because Melvin, Raphael, and Vincent scared the shit out of me, Holly, Brady, Josh, and my sister. They called me over and I noticed Melvin was no where to be found, but didn't think anything of it. Vincent told me to look in the freezer; because I knew what it was supposed to look like, as I'd been there longer than them. I didn't know what he meant, but assumed they had either sold hardly any fries or a shitload. I open the door and melvin is sitting in there and says boo! I screamed and slammed the door. Holly jumped back when they did it to her, Josh jumped and drew his fist back as his first impulse, and Lori screamed like I did. It was so funny, I totally didn't expect that.

I have 8 days off from Safeco... kinda wish I didn't, was just getting used to the daily grind. Oh well, it'll be nice to see my family... was leaving the house at 7:30 am and not getting home until midnight sometimes. Wierd... I haven't watched tv in I don't know how long... but it feels normal.

Today is mom's b-day!!! Happy Birthay Ma!

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