Friday, July 26, 2002


Thank the Good Lord it's finally Friday! Though I have no right to bitch, I thought yesterday was friday, and this week HAS gone by incredibly fast. I am so dang tired. I had some wierd dreams last night too; first one was about my cat Asa... dreamt he had shit all over the house. I was so mad in my dream, I didn't know what to do. Everywhere I turned there was cat shit. Then I woke up and fell back asleep only to dream that my sister was fighting with me...physically. Threatening to kill me and such. We were going to buy special donuts and she was being hideous. Finally I told her in the dream that if she didn't knock it off I was going to tell mom and it would break her heart to see her youngest daughter acting so nasty. Apparently that did it. She quit.

Well, I am four games into the homestand, only 9 more games to go. Only. It'll be good money though... am hoping to go back to being a blonde in August. Though there are a few goals I need to meet before then... so I'll be working on those pretty feverishly. Wish me luck... discipline is difficult.

This week has gone on with a few difficulties... fat bastard (my arch enemy and nemesis) has been on my back about anything and everything. I have firmly stood my ground though... Told him I'm not an idiot, so there's no reason to talk to me like one. He's such a nosy dick. Has to dip his fat fingers into everything. Drives me fucking nuts. GET A LIFE FAT BASTARD!

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