Tuesday, July 09, 2002


Man, my ass and my inner thighs and my biceps are all sore today. I have been working out a lot lately; doing my Cindy Crawford workout tape in the mornings, and going to the gym at night. I love that tape though; it totally works you out, and makes you sore each time. I like to know that I'm working hard, so I take the sore muscles with happiness. But I do not particularly enjoy the 'tennis balls of pain' that I have right now. Seriously, feels like my musles are tight like a ball and when I move a certain way, it feels absolutely hideous. But I'll be down at the gym tonight, getting my walk on; gotta love those treadmills.

Royal Tenenbaums comes out on DVD today; you gotta see it. Awesome, awesome flick. Highly recomended that you see it. I am enjoying my 2nd day off (of a total of 15) from safeco. Though I kinda wish we were still on the homestand, I was having fun during the last one.

well, that's all for today; just an update, will write more later.

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