Thursday, June 20, 2002

Sunny Days, Pushing the Clouds Away...

Today is a great day. It's warm and beautiful... a day for cruising in your car, windows down, pretending it's a sporty little Convertible cabriolet, speeding 10 mph over the speed limit, blasting "cruel to be kind" by Letters to Cleo and singing your heart out.

That was until I got back to the office, and let cackles irritate me by turning up the already chilly air conditioning. WTF?????? How about taking a poll to see if everyone is as warm as you are, we don't all sweat through our shirts you know. As soon as he retreated into the bathroom, and I was assured he'd be in there for a few minutes, by the symphonic range audible to anyone within 50 freakin feet, I quickly got up and turned the cold air blower off. Though, not to be outdone by Sir-piss-me-off-a-lot. Upon exiting the shitter, he asked me to please refill the towel dispenser with towels. Again, WTF???????? DO I LOOK LIKE YOUR SLAVE??? I responded with my usual blank stare, and muttered "I don't know how." He replied that he didn't know how before either, and figured it out when he loaded the dispenser last time. Well woopty freakin doo. Here, have a cookie. YOU ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING OTHER THAN SIT AT YOUR DESK AND CACKLE? Me thinks you must be sick. Anyway I just looked at him and said "whatever."

I'm sorry, but I am sick and freakin tired of him feeling the need to delegate certain menial tasks to me. It's only the menial shit... like that, and the housecleaning. NO. uh huh. I am not the maid, and just because I am a chick, doesn't mean I clean up after all the big men. Not happening, and I can guarantee you, the level of towels in the dispenser will stay the same. I am not a feminist by any means, but I have a real issue with being treated like his personal slave.

That said, it really is a lovely day, and it's about to get better since cackles is out of the office for the rest of the day around 3pm!!! Lucky me! I really need to get a grip on this though, he just drives me up the wall... his voice, his face, his presence. I detest it all. And for no particular reason, other than we got off on the wrong foot... and have continued to trip and falter on that same foot. That and he just irritates the shit out of me. Eventually when I leave here to work someplace else... he will be one of the only things I absolutely won't miss, and depending on when I decide to go; he may be the key factor in that decision.

Hey did you hear Aerosmith and Run DMC and Kid Rock are going on tour together? They will be in Seattle... well Tacoma actually on Nov. 12th I think. I am so there.

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