Monday, June 24, 2002


In the last few weeks, (well, since Bobby's been here) I seem to have gotten a life. Lori and I used to do stuff a lot, but now that Bobby's here, we do even more. Friday night we went bowling, with Uncle Gary and Tatum. Good Ol' rock and bowl. Then we dropped Uncle G off and went to Louie's (our favorite karaoke bar) and sang our hearts out. When the bar closed, we went to Denny's and had some riveting discussions...mostly me shooshing the slightly intoxicated, and really loud Lori and Bobby. I got into bed at 4am that night. I woke up around 9 the next morning, got ready and drove out to Redmond... which, by the way is no picnic when the 520 floating bridge is closed. Everyone and their brother were taking I-90 and 405. I got out to Matt and Kelly's house, late of course, and then picked up Kylie, and drove back to Seattle. I picked Lori up and we spent the day shopping and going to the beach and having a blast with little Kylie Nykole. She is such a cutie. And she is starting to talk too, saying "more" and "uh oh" and nonononono.

Saturday night, Lori and I picked up Troy and Lori's friend Amanda, and we headed down to Puyallup to see Jessica for her B-day. We went to a sports bar called Q'z in Graham, Wa. It was kinda fun, we people watched and talked shit... all in good fun of course. Then Sunday I was a busy bee and helped paint the kitchen as well as put my room back together after the whole water heater debaucle. (it leaked into my closet, molding the carpet... my room has been in an upheaval since they ripped the stinky carpet out 2 WEEKS AGO.)

I never did get around to ironing my clothes... although I did paint my toenails. I go back to work at Safeco tonight for the next 2 weeks straight. It's gonna be a long homestand.

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