Monday, March 11, 2002


Well, I had an awesome Friday night. Last Thursday, I came home in excruciating pain, and I was nervous because I had booked a room and bought tickets to see Janeane Garofalo live in Portland, Oregon. (She's been in such movies as Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, The Truth About Cats And Dogs, Reality Bites, and was on Saturday Night Live for a while.) She's a cynical comic with acerbic wit, and I was totally stoked about going down there!!! Luckily I was without much pain on Friday so I picked up Jessica and Holly and we drove on down. We stayed at the Days Inn --49 bucks a night, and it was a decent place! Arge somebody from Battlebots opened for Janeane, and he was pretty good. Janeane herself was awesome, I will gladly pay to see her live again. We drove home the next day, when I attended my cousins baby shower, and promptly returned to kidney stone land, the home of pain. I will be eternally grateful though for the 24 hour reprieve I had to see my favorite comedian.

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