Sunday, March 10, 2002

Geeze Louise

I don't think I can effectively describe to you the AMOUNT OF FUCKING PAIN I HAVE BEEN IN FOR THE LAST ...13 HOURS. Kidney stones FUCKING SUCK.

Retraction: I was informed by someone that my friend "janice" actually didn't call Judge Judy, that they pulled the case from the Burien court. I gotta say though, I am not used to being called tacky and tasteless by someone who uses a fake email address so I can't write them back. That's guts! Criticize me all you want, but keep in mind that I started my own website so I could write about WHATEVER I want. You run the risk of being offended I guess by reading it. Thanks for the feedback though, maybe next time you could use an actual email address so when I hit reply it doesn't tell me you are not a known member.

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