Monday, January 07, 2002


Well, I finally broke down and ordered my own personal copy of Darrin's Dance Groove's. You know, that obnoxious commercial that comes on Mtv about every 3 minutes, with this dude Darrin, who breaks down the moves to Bye Bye Bye, Give it to you, and Crazy (Nsync, Jordan Knight, and Britney Spears) I'm gonna be the best dancer ever! No hate mail about what an ass I am ok? Besides, Jealousy is not becoming.

Hmmmmmm.... what did I do this weekend, not a whole helluva lot. Actually a lot; but not a lot of fun, ran an insane amount of errands. Bought a new littler box for my boys; it's a layered one. I was going to break the bank and spend the hundred bucks for the litter maid box; the one where it automatically dumps the clumps... but Holly said her aunt had a few that all broke right away. So I bought one with a sort of filter... you lift the filter up and the sand goes into the tray and the clumps stay on the filter. (INGENIUS!!!) I was stoked. I am stoked. Can't wait to try it out tonight. Also went to Joanne's Etc. and stocked up on yarn (like I'll ever run out at this point) I have some stuff that needs to be crocheted asap.

Well I guess that's all for now; but I dont' really have much to say today...

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