Thursday, November 15, 2001


I'm telling you, I could handle motherhood. I adopted an 8 week old kitten on Saturday, Nov. 3rd. His name is Asa (ay-suh) Jermaine Polenske (Asa because I love the name, and Jermaine because I think it's funny)anyhoo, we went through a bit of a transition with big brother Ben, his nose was a mite twisted, and actually last night was the first time in the 10 days we've had Asa that Ben sat with me and purred. That first day he wouldn't come out of his litterbox for hours, then the hissing and growling would commence and go on for days. I am happy to report that my boys are now sleeping on the same chair without bloodshed, and they love playing together--though Ben does NOT like it when any part of Asa is touching him. In fact, when Asa is out of Ben's sight he meows and moans at the top of his lungs.
I do have to watch them though; I caught Ben biting Asa on the back and stomach the other night while they were playing; Asa was not happy, he was hissing and crying. But then yesterday, Ben was sleeping on the couch in Asa's spot, and Asa jumped up and bit Ben, in turn Ben jumped down and Asa curled up and went to sleep. They are shits. They are running me ragged, though I am loving it.

Their favorite game is 2:00 a.m. chase and wrestle, as well as 4:00 a.m grab ass. They were getting better; but last night, at MIDNIGHT they decided it was time to wake the dead. finally around 1am I 86ed Ben from the room; and Asa continued to get into everything in my room. Around 4 am, I could hear Ben moaning in the hallway as loud as he possibly could. I got up quickly, as I didn't want to disturb anyone, completely pissed and opened my door. He was laying in the hallway and looked surprised to see me, without thinking I whispered loudly "Ben! What the hell are you doing?! SHUT THE FUCK UP!" He just looked at me, and I realized how ridiculous I was being. I shut the door shaking my head, and climbed back into bed, hoping to fall back asleep. But of course a half hour later I was roused from sleep by the sound of Ben pawing the door and meowing; a key sign he needs the litterbox. I got up and let him in, and listend to him and Asa play for 15 minutes before he got the boot again. by this time it was nearing 5; I finally fell asleep and was awakened by the cruel reality of my alarm clock at 6 am.
I could so handle an infant... not that I'm wanting to right now, but I could.

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