Monday, November 19, 2001

Krispy Kreme's Anyone?

What a weekend. Friday night, Holly, Jessica and I reinstated the old "friday at Sizzler's night out". We had a great time, just like the good ol' days, eating junk from the buffet, and gossiping. We went from there to Best Buy, and proceeded to run into Troy and Michael who were stocking up on cd's, and Matt and Kelly who were just going there to look around. Small world... I ALWAYS run into people I know at these places: Best Buy, Albertsons, Fred Meyers, and Huckleberry Square. Then, on Saturday; Lori and I picked up our cousins Cassie and Cori (the coolest 6th graders around) and went to lunch at Huckleberry Square, (where I ran into a friend of a friend; who I actually went to school with in the 7th grade and met again last weekend.) Then we went shopping at Fred Meyers for craft stuff and egg nog, where we passed my aunt carrie in the parking lot. (I'm telling you) We spent hours painting ornaments and picture frames, and then had a really nice visit with my cousin Dawn (c&c's mom) I then went over to Holly and Jessica's house to have drinks (coke and 151) and play the game Loaded questions. We had a blast, and Holly won, RECOUNT! We had decided to get up early to go get krispy kreme's, and when I called at 1:00am, we found out that the drive through was open 24 hours. Now for anyone reading this who isn't in washington state, we got our first krispy kreme shop in Issaquah here about a month ago. I must say, they are the best I've ever had. Well, we decided to go out there and go through the line then instead of waiting till morning when the lobby would open at 5:30am. We arrived at 1:50am, and were amazed at the amount of cars there... there were 6-7 lanes of cars waiting to go through the drive through. We decided what the hell and got in line. An hour later Jessica and I decided to walk to the gas station; as we weren't moving and wouldn't be for some time. We walked about a half mile there; it was so cold my lungs were burning. When we returned, we realized the meteor shower was that night and joined everyone around us oohing and aahing at all the shooting stars. (yes I made a wish, no I won't tell). We spent the next hour and a half playing the celebrity name game. It's where you pick a name... tom cruise, then the next person has to think of a tom or a cruise, I said tom brokaw. Then the next person thinks of a tom or a brokaw and so on. We were stuck on Kelly ripa-consuelos FOREVER and on Heather Graham for an eternity. I finally came up with Alexander Graham bell. we were giving each other answers just to get the game going, it was fun though. We finally reached the drive up window at 4:15 am. We were so excited ... I think more to just go home, than to actually have a donut. I got home around 5:30 am and fell into a deep deep sleep until 11:45am.

I babysat for kylie at 12:30, she is growing up so fast, already 9 mos old, and is now more pretty than cute. I kept telling Kelly (her mom) "She's such a little person now! and so pretty!" We had a good time, we went shopping at petsmart and the Guitar Center (where she made the cutest cooing sounds and smiled nonstop) I cleaned my room, and plugged every possible passage way under my bed; I will do anything to ensure a complete nights sleep! Asa as a result was not able to get under there and instead played in his litterbox at 2:30 am.... how do you get a cat to sleep? I didn't let him nap all day (which believe me is a feat in itself) and I played with him for like 4 hours straight. (I was exhausted!) I don't know what I'm going to do.... especially when I can't kick him out during christmas. I don't even want to think about it.

Did you watch the facts of life reunion last night.. good God... when did they start letting 10 year olds write movie scripts? When Mrs. G said "she's prettier than her jpeg file" after using her palm pilot and discussing email, I wanted to yell "We get it! You are updated!!!" When Blair said "you can't run in manolo blahniks" after bragging about her french chef she stole from a hotel in paris, and giving orders to Mrs. G's son to fix a leak I wanted to hit something... take every stereotypical thing about each character back in the 80's magnify it by 1,000 and let some throwbacks to 1984 write the script and you had last night's movie. Oh and by the way... Natalie's boy pageant... give me a friggin break... I grew up with these people! Why couldn't they at least try and do it justice???

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