Wednesday, October 31, 2001


I am dying here; David Spade is on Howard Stern this morning, (for anyone who doesn't know me that well; David Spade is my all time favorite comedian) and they were talking about std's, David Spade said he had crabs in high school (said he got it from a payphone), then he said that having crabs was the closest he'd ever come to having an entourage. I was cracking up.

I went shopping for christmas stuff last night; stocking stuffers mostly; got almost all of holly's done, some stuff for mom's and one thing for dads. Was kinda happy to get that done. Am still contemplating what i'm buying everyone.

I am totally hooked on this game on yahoo! actually it's in yahooligans, it's called word racer. The other day I must've sat online and played it for about 4 hours continually. It's kind of like boggle; and usually I kick ass at it; but these people are pros... It's about speed too; sometimes it takes a while to see the words,and ... why am I rambling on about this?? Well, maybe I'll check in later; gotta jam, gonna do some more research; adios!

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