Sunday, October 14, 2001


Well, it's Sunday afternoon, I have spent my day doing laundry and feeling shitty; I went out last night, and I think I feel worse from all of the second hand smoke I inhaled; rather than the few cocktails I had. I cleaned my room as well; am feeling better about that. I was watching bravo today; channel 66 here; they had their 100th guest celebration for inside the actors studio; and then they paid tribute to Jack Lemmon, which reminded my that my Grandma is dead, and I have been fighting back tears since. I'm a big fan of denial; I've been vacationing there for what seems like a few weeks now. I miss grandma. so much.

You ever get to the point where crying seems futile? I am having a bad day anyway; I just want to go to sleep. And perhaps wake up as someone else.. that'd be nice.

If you are reading this; I apologize for the dark undertones, but I hope I'll see you on November 10th!

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