Tuesday, September 04, 2001


Man, I had this all written out; and somehow; as blogger has done it before, it lost my entry!!! Ok, well I guess I'll start over, this weekend was a long one (obviously) but i had an extra day; my grandma was admitted to the hospital last wednesday, and on thursday night; she had emergency surgery... I was at the hospital until 230 in the morning. There was no way I was going to make it into work the next day. Turns out she had a mean case of pancreatitis, (did you know that the pancreas can actually digest itself?) She is doing better now, but still has a way to go before she's out of the woods... prayers and good thoughts are much appreciated.

Saturday morning, I made an appearance at a graduation party in honor of my friend Kelly; she is now a certified M.A. (medical assistant) Way to go Kel!

Saturday night, Holly, Jess, Aaron, Heather, Mark, Tatum, and I all went down to pioneer square. We tore it up; it was awesome. Danced and partied all night long, and yes, I did come home with a hickey on my neck, and no; much to everyone's dismay; I do not want to talk about it. ;-P lol, ANYHOO, I felt like dog crap all sunday; though I did manage to scrape myself together and make it to brunch with Cathy, Quyen, Sara, Chloe and Jess, (high school buds)... and that was fun, we need to do that more often! I was telling them how in the past few years, I was lucky to see Cathy and Quyen once or twice a year; due to our busy schedules, and in the last year I've seen them 5 or 6 times, it's been nice!

I crashed for about 3 hours after brunch, and felt a whole hell of a lot better. Then Sunday night, Holly and I rented the first 8 episodes of Sex and the city (season 2) and munched on ice cream and chips and guacamole. We are hooked on that show, too bad neither one of us gets hbo! I am totally digging their lifestyle too; I gotta say. Not the sleeping with every guy you meet part, but everything else... I can't wait to go to new York. (and someday I will.)

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