Thursday, August 09, 2001

Ok, I spent my lunch break at Alki; went for a walk; got some sun... it was nice. I was going through some old journals last night, from 1997 and 1998... my life was so different back then... in more ways than one. I was partying all the time and completely boy crazy. I had forgotten about some of the people who were "high priority" back then. I was also completely head over heels in love with much of the mariners baseball team. That was back when my best friend Tatum and I would "stalk" these poor men, in hopes of a glimpse, a greeting... who knows. We staked out Joey Cora's house one night, we were going to "break down" in front of it, and see if we could use his phone. We ended up getting lost, then almost running out of gas; and where he lived was way off the beaten path so... we could've had some trouble on our hands there. Then there was the time we stood outside the Elliot Bay Bookstore for HOURS to get Cal Ripken's autograph...he was there for a signing that afternoon. We got there at 6 am, dressed to the hilts; and were 4th in line if I remember correctly. It was a thrill though; to meet him. The year before my dreams had come true when I met Ken Griffey Jr, Joey Cora and Jay Buhner (among others); my dad drove freight trucks, and when he picked up the umpire gear, we would wait outside the locker rooms. If I ever get my stupid scanner fixed, I'll scan the pics of me and them in. Then there was the time we staked out the hotel where the Baltimore Orioles stayed, in the hopes of seeing Cal Ripken and Brady Anderson. We didn't see them that night; but we did meet Rafael Palmeiro and Manny Alexander. We were obsessed. We bought tickets in 97 to the Joey Cora Salsa Ball (a charity event), we took salsa lessons, and lost weight and bought evening gowns... went tanning; we went all out. Did we even get to meet anyone cool? No. Instead we danced with a big fat man named walter a couple times. Juan Gonzales was there, as well as Ivan "pudge" rodriguez. Tatum swears that Jose Cruz was staring at her chest at one point, but ... we went home without meeting anyone cool. When the sonics were in the championships back in 96 or 97 (can't remember) The Chicago Bulls were in town, and were staying at the four seasons. So we decided to go down there and see if we could get Dennis Rodman to sign our bras. Don't even ask me what I was thinking... so we sneak in; under the guise that we are staying there (if anyone asked we were "nieces of phil jackson".) We are standing there dressed in jeans, t-shirts and sandals among people dressed in suits and nice dresses. Then through a side entrance comes a group of people and in the middle it's Dennis Rodman. There was no way to approach him; he was covered on all sides, but who should come in right after him? The one and only Michael Jordan. Everyone is applauding (though doing so with restraint and reserve) and here's tatum and I screaming our heads off. Michael Jordan stood less than 4 feet away from us, we are going absolutely apeshit... lol, then scottie pippen and luc longley walked in; we just about passed out. They were all ushered quite quickly to the elevators, and almost as soon as it started, the excitement ended. We were bummed, we REALLY wanted to meet them! So as we are starting to leave, I look over by the elevator and see NBC's sports guy Bob Costas standing there, and I got his autograph... it wasn't Dennis Rodmans... but at the time... it was something. ;-) I miss those days... we were such adventurers (to be totally honest, I had to be talked into most of our stunts.. but once I did it; I had a blast). Tatum's mom used to refer to us as Lucy and Ethel... and as we would leave she would always remind us... "now girls, I don't do bail". The last adventurous thing we did was before they tore the kingdome down. Tatum and I walked all around the fenced in area around it; trying to gather the courage to go in and grab a hunk of the dome. There were police in the area as well as construction crews. I wasn't down for getting arrested, tatum (she is a lot braver than me) shimmied under the fence and ran in. She managed to escape with two chunks of cement from the Kingdome. We managed to escape the area without a ticket for trespassing or we had a lot of fun back then.

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