Monday, August 20, 2001


What an interesting weekend. I spent most of Saturday reuniting with old friends from high school. I met up with my good friends Cathy and Jessica at Cathy's house, and we drove up to Everett to have lunch with another good friend from high school, Chloe. We got to watch Jessica's son Andrew play with Chloe's son Nolan, (it was interesting; because we all played together as kids at Hilltop Elementary... anyway, I digress) and we met Chloe's 4 month old daughter Megan (who is a doll!) It was nice talking and reminiscing... catching up on the gossip. Then we went to a birthday party down on capital hill; it was in one of those really old houses, two stories and really intricate frame work. it was kinda cool; I loved the french doors and huge windows. It was a girl from high school's birthday, I saw a lot of other people from high school as well; it was nice to talk and catch up; even when we weren't that close. I am looking forward to the reunion in a few years.

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