Tuesday, July 17, 2001

man, I hate being without internet service! I didn't realize how much I used it until we haven't had it for the past week. It Sucks! Anyhoo...

Do you ever feel like your living a scene from a movie? I've had moments where I truly felt like I was living an episode of Seinfeld...but yesterday, I felt more like I was living in "THE TRUMAN SHOW"... everyday when I work at safeco, I get a parking spot in the same general area; over near the new seahawk stadium... on my way to safeco, I walk in between the exhibition center and the backs of the businesses on 1st avenue. (Where there are lots of vendors selling food and merchandise) Every single day, right as I'm walking by this one stand this guy selling hot dogs always shouts the same thing..."Get your sasaki dog, 1/4 lb of beef....(then he holds it up by the tongs) WOULD YA LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT ONE", it struck me yesterday that everyday right about the same time he says it... then I was reminded of the Truman show; because of all the people that truman would say hi to every day; how it was the same... anyway, just a strange moment i guess... (who put a long tail on that kite?)

I love working at safeco; the job is sooo easy; (serving garlic fries can't be too difficult anyway) I enjoy the people I work with, and I am making decent money while having a good time. Not to mention I'm not just sitting around at home doing nothing. My favorite part though is either before the game or after; if I'm there early or late enough; I go out and sit in the stands and read a book (I'm usually waiting to clock in or waiting for Holly), anyway, I am the only one in the stands; there are lots of people behind the scenes but sometimes you don't even see them; there's no one on the field or outside; and it feels like I'm the only one there... like I have the field to myself. It's so quiet and big... that's my favorite part.

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