Thursday, May 10, 2001

Well, I have had "one of those days"... I still haven't done jack on my speech; I keep saying tommorrow... It's crunch time. I spent most of my morning frustrated and stressed out because my computer was being a jerk; tech support as usual for AOL was of no help. I then went on my lunch break and cleaned out my car; and cruised around listening to an old Spice Girls tape and I am in an amazingly happy state of mind again. One year ago yesterday I left the daycare after 7 long years. I miss working with my old class; I miss them more than I ever thought I would... Part of me would love to go back to that kind of an environment; but I don't think I could take it if I left again, I remember for a couple days after I left; when I would get home from my 11-12 hour days; I would sit in my car and just cry; I missed those kids that much. I grew to like my last job though; and even at first during the really rough spots; when I'd seriously question the reason I was working at a job that made me miserable... there was something about my coworkers that kept me there. There's something about being on the road with a group of strangers that can turn you into family first before friends... Not to say that it wasn't a dysfunctional familial relationship; but the good memories heavily outweigh the bad. I am struck as I sit here thinking of them, by an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia... It was a summer job; and afterwards we all went our seperate ways... I still talk to some of those guys via email... but it's not the same. It can't be. We were together from 7 in the morning till 7 or 8 at night working, and then we'd go get dinner and go out... It's a strange relationship; but I would do it again in a heartbeat... because as those people at times were the thorns in my side; and my biggest enemies... they were also at times my confidants and my best friends. I thank God that they were there when I needed them.

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