Tuesday, May 01, 2001

Ok, here's a mortifying story for anyone who enjoys humor at the expense of others.... yesterday morning I was at Starbucks. I was purchasing a gift certificate for a co-worker's birthday, and the lady at the counter; who by the way resembled the older woman in "there's something about Mary" (overly tan and pastel makeup; platinum hair...)anyhoo, she notices my keychain picture of me and my friend Jessy, (same age as me), her son andrew (3) and Troy (same age as me). She says "what a cute picture, is that your daughter?" I thought she was referring to Andrew; who troy was holding; Jessy and I are in the front of the pic with our arms over each other's shoulders. I said "no, that's my godson;" she goes "No, the girl next to you". Immediately I'm like ..."what the hell? she's 2 months younger than me" I didn't say this of course because I am totally and utterly mortified at this point; instead I grab my keys and curtly say "no" and left. Then the rest of the day I am plagued by the thought that I could actually look old enough to have... birthed someone my same age... so, as a 24 year old... albeit an age 40 looking 24 year old; I think the rest of the day went ok... despite the spiraling into an abyss of self hate... but anyhoo...

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