Wednesday, April 04, 2001

Well, looks like I'll be giving my speech sometime in May; probably May 22nd. (I had the option of the 8th, the 15th, or the 22nd) I am going to give myself as much time as possible. I took some pictures of dad in his standing chair last night; from sitting to standing; I'll take some pics of him in his wheelchair today too. He asked me what they were for; and I have noticed that I am hesitant to discuss the book or the speech with him or mom... don't know why that is. I have yet to give them the address for this weblog as well. It's strange; I don't know why I am shying away from this... I am determined to be productive today... no excuses! It is a beautiful wednesday morning, and other than the fact that I almost rear ended someone on the Boeing Access Road (woops!) It'll be a great day. :-) Have a great one!

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